Honoka Sexy Japan

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07 years, the youngest 13-year-old young 』Kore『 jump runner won the GP system. Currently, teen fashion magazine Hana * chu → 『Ayukawa Minoru 乃果』 active as a model, and finally lifted about two years latest photos! At work now, her eyes turn to pure long is going to be sucked to project a good old girl in Okinawa. Innocence, challenges the limits of unprotected! Sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, the subtleties of expression wavering mind of the age of 15. 』To『 Urizun title, in the words of Okinawa [like sprout colorful vegetation] to represent, and becoming an adult now, "Ayukawa Minoru 乃果" condensed the book now. To leave this moment forever, not with fans to see it work. Stand Up And 覗Keru Making a DVD with her. Photographer: Trees Nishida Yuki [Specification: A4 size]


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